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Does Medicaid Cover Stairlifts? Safety At No Price

Does Medicaid cover stairlifts? Patients with mobility issues use a stair lift. Several different reasons can cause mobility issues. Patients and their families often wish to pay for their medical expenses through insurance, and what better way to get it paid than to get the government to cover your costs?

Numerous people are confused about whether they can get Medicaid to pay for installing a lift chair. The short and simple answer to this is Yes. Whether it covers the entire cost of it or only a part of it, or if Medicaid in your state approves this expense as medically necessary, is a question that needs to be discussed at length.

Does Medicaid Cover Stairlifts? An Overview:

  • Yes, Medicaid covers stair lifts through the State Medicaid Plan and the HCBS Waiver Programs.
  • You can access a Medicaid lift chair by being a beneficiary of the insurance program. However, fulfilling the need is subject to the availability of the resource and the eligibility of the applicant.
  • You can also get a Hoyer lift installed through Medicaid, but you must first check whether your state Medicaid Plan considers it a piece of medically necessary equipment.

Will Medicaid Pay For A Lift Chair?

A stairlift or lift chair usually costs between $2,000 and $7,500. This is huge for a low-income breadwinner who also has to pay bills, get groceries, and make ends meet. Surviving daily and getting a lift chair are both essential when you have a patient with mobility issues in your house. In such cases, you must turn to external sources for help and let Medicaid cover stairlifts expenses.

will medicaid pay for a lift chair?

There are multiple ways you can get this facility through Medicaid. One of them is to be eligible for it through Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS Waivers). You can also look for state-specific Medicaid facilities. Often, certain states offer Medicaid, which can get you a lift chair. The states that offer Medicaid lift chairs provide them with durable medical equipment (DME) under the State plan.

The DME policy enables an applicant to get this facility under mobility-enhancing equipment. However, when a state offers a lift chair in such a manner, it will only offer the basic model, and the assistance revolving around the installation can vary. This means that the State Medicaid Plan might not cover the full expense of purchasing and installing a stair lift.

How Does Medicaid Cover Stairlifts?

As mentioned earlier, Medicaid offers lift chairs under State Medicaid Plans and HCBS Waivers. If you are a patient in need of mobility assistance through Medicaid, the next step is to apply for it. But the question arises, how does Medicaid cover stairlifts?

does medicaid cover stairlifts

The process to get a Medicaid lift chair is quite simple. You need to check if you are a recipient of Medicaid. Next, check your eligibility. The Waiver program through which you can get a no-cost lift chair requires you to be eligible for the State Medicaid Plan.

Other criteria that may help you get a free installation are income, family status, age, and disability. For instance, some residents in Illinois have gained access to free stairlift installation based on their income. In contrast, others were able to get the facility because of their old age, family’s financial status, or inability to walk.

It is also essential for the applicant to meet the “Level of Care.” The Level of Care determines your eligibility based on your ability to live alone or with your family. If you can manage yourself while living alone or have a family that can care for you, you are no longer eligible for the Let Medicaid Cover Stairlifts program.

However, if you cannot stay home alone or your conditions are worsening and you are deemed “Nursing Home Eligible” or “Eligible for Institutional Level of Care,” you are eligible for the Medicaid lift chair program. The aim is to keep you and others like you out of nursing homes and in a known and comfortable environment.

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Is A Hoyer Lift Covered By Medicaid?

While there is a clear distinction regarding whether you can get a Medicaid lift chair or not via the State Medicaid Plan, no clarification is made about the Hoyer lift. As Medicaid is a jointly funded program that is backed by the federal and state governments, the availability of free stairlifts may vary.

The state you live in might not offer this facility. It is hit or miss when it comes to Hoyer lifts. In some areas, coverage includes medically necessary durable medical equipment, such as Hoyer lifts. Based on a state’s Medicaid Plan rules, it may pay for equipment purchases, rentals, or a rent-to-own program. Medicaid beneficiaries interested in purchasing a Hoyer lift must contact their state Medicaid office for information on state-specific coverage rules.

Other State Plans That Offer Assistance With Stairlifts

Will Medicaid pay for a lift chair is a common daily conundrum that numerous citizens experience. You may be unable to get a stairlift through the State Medicaid Plan for various reasons. However, there are other ways to get assistance with stairlifts. There are state plans that can help you get a chair lift at an affordable price or, in some cases, for free.

other state plans that offer assistance with stairlifts
  1. Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans
    • The popular Veterans Affairs Department offers stairlifts to veterans and service members with specific service-connected permanent disabilities.
    • The Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grants enable veterans with certain impairments to live independently. They’re often accessed by applicants to remodel their houses to suit their needs better.
  2. Federal Housing Administration
    • While not free, you can get a stairlift through the Federal Housing Administration’s Mortgage Insurance Programs. The wing is under the administration of HUD and can help you get a loan for your stairlift.
  3. Geriatrics and Extended Care
    • Through this program, veterans are given a flexible budget for facilities that assist the veteran or the family caregiver in taking better care.
    • Veteran-Directed Care is used to help veterans continue to live at home or in their community.
    • As part of this program, veterans, including a Medicaid lift chair, can buy items and services to help them live independently in the community.

The Final Word

Does Medicaid cover stairlifts? Or does Medicaid cover lift chairs? This is a common question asked by patients and caregivers. In various states, the answer to this question is yes. However, the eligibility and availability may vary from state to state. Lift chairs are expensive, and their installation can burn a hole in your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can affect the price of a chair lift?

Usually, a chair lift ranges from $2,000 to $7,000. However, this price may vary depending on various factors like the share of the stairway, the length of the stairway, the position of the chair, the weight of the patient, the features of the chair, and the folding rail.

Does Medicaid cover a stair lift in Ohio?

Yes, stair lifts are covered by Medicaid in Ohio for qualified individuals through Home and Community Based Services or HCBS Waivers. It is advised that you check with the local authorities to confirm the availability of the chair and your eligibility for it.

Will New York Medicaid pay for a lift chair?

Medicaid in New York will pay for a lift chair in most cases as long as the recipient can meet the requirements and provide the necessary proof. The applicant can get Medicaid to pay for the facility based on the household’s income, the applicant’s age, and their disability.

What are some alternatives to a Medicaid lift chair?

While getting a Medicaid lift chair is the most affordable way to get a stair lift, there are other ways to get this facility, in case it is unavailable through your State’s Medicaid plan. You can gain one through these methods:
1. Look for rental stairlifts
2. Purchase second-hand or used lift chairs
3. Get one through financing options

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