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Benefits of Invisalign for Kids’ Dental Health: Caring Smile

Invisalign for kids ages 6 to 10 can replace the traditional braces having metal brackets and wires due to their soft, smooth, transparent material and removability. This orthodontic treatment involves advanced 3D Imaging technology and using removable aligners to straighten the teeth gradually.

Over 10 million orthodontic patients have opted for the Invisalign treatment, with a success rate of around 96%. However, the average length of this Invisalign treatment was about 22.8 months with an average of 2.5 refinement scans, according to a retrospective study in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.


The Invisalign aligners for kids are effective with daily life activities specially designed for kids; you can get them under the price range of $3500 to $8000. With no stringent dietary restrictions and a good comfort level, this aligner is popular for children and teenagers. Among the top significant benefits related to Invisalign, the following are some fundamental importance of this type of aligner for kids.

  • Removability & Flexibility
  • Effective Cleaning
  • Invisible Solution
  • Custom Choices
  • No Diet Plans

5 Benefits of Invisalign For Kids

A certified professional dentist, Dr. Schroeder, recommends Invisalign for kids as the right choice and better treatment, due to its crucial advantage of removability and effectiveness while brushing or cleaning your teeth, unlike traditional metal braces.

5 Benefits of Invisalign for Kids

The key benefit of Invisalign for Kids is its removability and clear transparency, making it almost invisible when worn. Invisalign for 9-year-old kids and above are most helpful and widely recommended.

Invisalign for kids as an orthodontic treatment carries several benefits which can boost your self-confidence and effectiveness in aligning the teeth. We’ve listed the following benefits suitable for your Invisalign children.

  1. Removability
    • Invisalign aligners for kids are easily removable and allow easy access to cleaning and brushing their teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, the obstruction of brackets and wires does not hinder you from brushing and flossing your teeth.
    • With this removable Invisalign, children can maintain oral hygiene and reduce the risk of dental issues such as cavities or gum diseases.
  2. Customizable Aligners
    • The smooth edges of the aligners increase the comfort level and reduce the irritation in the child’s teeth. They are custom-made and fit snugly over the child’s teeth.
    • You can customize your aligners according to the condition of the teeth and have them designed specifically for your existing teeth shape.
  3. Invisible Solution
    • The Invisalign aligners for kids are made of explicit and transparent plastic material that provides a discreet appearance when you wear them.
    • Suppose your kids are self-conscious and shy while wearing traditional braces due to their visibility. This is an excellent solution because they can be readily accepted and printed without affecting your looks.
  4. No Dietary Restrictions
    • As we have seen, the Invisalign for kids is removable, and the tray can be taken out and inserted whenever needed, according to your convenience. This provides you with the freedom to have what you can eat.
    • Unlike traditional metal braces that require you to eat soft and chewable food with no stickiness, the aligners for kids do not require any dietary plans; you cannot worry about damaging the brackets and wires.
  5. Flexible Life Style
    • Aligners allow kids to play freely and participate in sports and other activities without being concerned about wearing these trays. You can insert or take them out of your mouth comfortably within seconds.
    • You can change these aligners approximately every two weeks and maintain your flexible lifestyle while removing the aligners during physical activity and utilizing the other protective mouthguard instead.

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Child’s Age and Responsibility With Invisalign

Invisalign for kids can also be tricky if you forget to consider the age and understanding capabilities. Along with the advantages for the children, it also comes with the responsibility of removing and inserting the flexible nature of the clear Invisalign aligners.

Sometimes the fixed and non-removable braces could be the best choice for the kids to avoid the extra reliability of handling the aligners. However, it also becomes a matter of habits, and over the period, the child can learn to adopt the Invisalign aligners.

Aligners for Kids: How to Adopt Invisalign?

This doubt is worth sharing; kids can learn to protect their teeth with time and increased awareness depending on how parents treat them. It has always been a concern for parents to teach their kids how to learn to remove and replace their aligners at the beginning.

However, we have derived specific affirmations and techniques through which you can make them adapt to their aligners throughout their everyday functioning for Invisalign kids.

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  • Positive Reinforcement
    • Praise your children for wearing the aligners consistently and make them aware of how important it is to wear them every day and why this wearing and taking off process yields the comforts and best results for teeth simultaneously.
    • You can reinforce specific actions to them and showcase the immediate results of wearing the aligners throughout the day. You must acknowledge their efforts and gradual progress while motivating them to shift their habits.
  • Explaining the Merits
    • You can take your time and let your children adjust with time as well and explain the advantages of having the Invisalign aligners. Educating them about the purpose of aligners will make them aware of the significant and expected results.
    • The coming days will be fruitful, and this can be just a temporary commitment of wearing them; you can let them understand this, and the consequences will lead to a healthier and brighter smile with confidence.
  • Schedule and Routine
    • It is essential to understand the routine and schedule for your aligners wearing and taking off period. It is generally recommended to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day.
    • You can help your kids establish a new routine based on their other daily life activities and meal slots. You can also use digital reminders to ensure your kids wear the aligners for enough time.
  • Incremental Duration
    • The beginning is always challenging, and when it comes to kids, it is even more challenging to manage life changes. Hence, you can teach your children to start slow and steady.
    • Keeping the duration of wearing the aligners gradually increasing, from a few hours on the first few days to stretching the time to 15 to 20 hours a day, would prepare your kids to adopt new changes.
  • Comfort Tips
    • You can offer your children some comfort tips, such as counter pain relievers or using warm saltwater to rinse their mouth upon mild discomfort or pain due to the new shift on aligners.
    • However, if the discomfort or pain persists, you must visit your orthodontist and secure a prescription for your children to alleviate the discomfort.

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Clear Braces for Kids

Instead of using metal brackets and wires, this is an alternative orthodontic treatment for the children’s braces method to the traditional metal braces. However, the function of both braces remains the same to shift the teeth into their correct positions gradually. Clear braces for kids are usually more comfortable than metal braces.

Clear Braces for Kids

If your children are notably more self-conscious about their appearance and the look of their teeth, this treatment can be most recommended and helpful due to its less visibility. Clear braces for kids are generally less noticeable than traditional metal braces.

Certain types of clear braces for kids are popular and most recommended by professionals in orthodontic treatments. Here are some braces or Invisalign for 12 years.

  • Ceramic Braces
    • These braces are primarily made of transparent or explicit material or tooth-colored like porcelain or composite. The brackets are usually blended with the natural color of your teeth.
    • When wearing ceramic braces, they are the least noticeable; their durability and effectiveness are remarkable.
  • Clear Aligners
    • Consisting of a series of custom-made, transparent aligners, this clear aligner is a popular choice among children, teens, and adults.
    • The aligners are typically worn for 20 to 24 hours. However, they are easily removable and can be virtually invisible, allowing the kids to undergo orthodontic treatment without paying attention to the kids.

We have gathered the general information regarding clear braces for kids, and Invisalign for children, however, it is always essential to consult and take the guidance of a professional orthodontist to determine the most suitable treatment for your children.

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Invisible Braces for Kids

They primarily function on the Invisalign system and are popular among children and teenagers since their main advantage is invisibility. The invisible braces for kids are made of transparent, BPA-free plastic material and are custom-designed to fit the child’s teeth.

Invisible braces for kids are usually removable; hence, it doesn’t hinder the regular activity of the kids in daily life, such as eating, brushing, and flossing their teeth. Your kids don’t have to follow the complicated oral hygiene routines associated with traditional braces and have stringent dietary restrictions.

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In this article, we have briefly discussed Invisalign for kids along with the clear braces and invisible braces, the process of adopting the aligners for Invisalign kids, and the five main benefits of having Invisalign for children.


Can I get Invisalign?

Yes, you can get Invisalign; it is essential to consult a professional orthodontist nearby your local area, find the appropriate care and treatment for your teeth, and have the prescribed Invisalign aligners most suitable for your child.

Should I get Invisalign?

It is recommended to consult an orthodontist who can evaluate the specific conditions of your teeth and accordingly prescribe the Invisalign best suitable to your needs. Although, in general, their removability and invisibility attract many children and adults to have them.

At what age can a child get Invisalign?

The specific age may vary depending upon the dental conditions, however, the children are considered to get Invisalign once most of their permanent teeth have erupted. However, usually, around the age of 7 to 10, the child can get Invisalign on a professional doctor’s prescription.

What is the average cost of Invisalign?

The average cost of Invisalign can generally vary between $3000 to $8000, although the national average cost falls around $5000 in the United States. The cost may vary based on geographical location, case complexity, orthodontist experience, additional procedures, and treatment duration.

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