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About Us

Welcome to Medical Grants Help – your comprehensive guide to understanding and accessing medical grants provided by government bodies, charities, and other organizations. As a team of dedicated medical professionals, we realize that deciphering the complexities of medical grants can be daunting, especially for those juggling hectic daily schedules and health conditions. That’s where we come in – our team works tirelessly to bring you the latest information, making the process of finding and applying for medical grants less overwhelming.

Our Mission

At Medical Grants Help, we put our heart and soul into researching the most recent grants available for medical students and those in dire need of medical treatment. In addition, we extend our assistance to churches and charity organizations seeking funds for their medical research programs and equipment. Our professional background allows us to ensure no opportunity is missed in securing essential funding.

Moreover, we keep a close watch on the launch of upcoming charity health camps in various locations. All such vital information is cataloged in advance on our site so our readers can take full advantage of these free medical health camps. Trust the expertise of Medical Grants Help to guide you through the world of medical grants and support you in your journey towards better health and a brighter future.

Meet the Team of Medical Grants Help

Dr. Eric Ryan

Dr.Eric Ryan - Dentist and Oral Surgeon.

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Meet Dr. Eric Ryan, a Harvard-trained Dentist, and Oral Surgeon with a decade of diverse clinical experience. Passionate about oral health and dedicated to the highest standards of patient care, Dr. Ryan believes in personalized treatments, from routine dental check-ups to complex surgeries. He enjoys educating the public about oral health and remains at the forefront of dentistry’s latest developments, ensuring his patients always receive the most effective treatments. Have a dental concern or query? Reach out to Dr. Ryan for guidance on your journey to optimal oral health.

Dr. Brie Larson

Dr. Brie Larson

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Dr. Brie Larson, a seasoned physician and graduate from Stanford University School of Medicine, brings a wealth of medical knowledge and a strong commitment to patient education. Having honed her expertise through years of comprehensive patient care, Brie specializes in expanding access to medical services through grants and funding initiatives. Actively involved in navigating the complexities of medical grants, she’s dedicated to making these resources more accessible to those in need. Reach out to Brie for reliable guidance through the often overwhelming world of funding options, as she simplifies the process for patients and their families.

Dr. Maria Pedraza

Dr. Maria Pedraza - Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Dermatologist

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Hello! I’m Dr. Maria Pedraza, an experienced Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Dermatologist and a proud Duke University School of Medicine alumnus. My deep passion for aesthetics and commitment to enhancing patient understanding of aesthetic procedures has led me to make a significant impact in the field of cosmetic dermatology. Outside my medical practice, I derive great joy from sharing insights on various health science topics.

Bringing years of experience in conducting complex surgeries and guiding patients on their transformative journeys, my aim is to serve as a trustworthy source of accurate and timely information. Whether you’re in the early stages of research or contemplating a specific procedure, I’m here to help. Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to your health and body. Let’s embark on this learning journey together.

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