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Get Free Braces With These 6 Methods

Free braces program is for people who can not afford. But With these organizations that help pay for braces with medicaid.

Orthodontic braces can cost up to several thousand dollars. This amount is quite large and as a result, not everyone can afford to pay for their dental care. You can now get free braces from several benevolent agencies that work only for the benefit of the citizens of the United States of America. Apart from the organizations that help pay for braces, you can also get free braces with Medicaid. To get braces for free, you would also have to check whether or not do you qualify for free braces programs.

If you are confused regarding getting free braces or any other queries regarding the braces for free programs, you can also opt for free braces consultation. You can look for free braces consultation near me agencies. By searching for free braces consultation near me agencies you would get a list of organizations and dental schools that provide free consultation for people who wish to have free braces but have some serious doubts regarding the process. Read along to know more about different and easy ways to get free braces.

What Are Free Braces and Who Needs Them?

Braces are used by several people for various different causes. Some people use it to get perfect teeth. This is when braces are used for cosmetic purposes. This happens when the patients have crooked teeth or some kind of dysfunctionality that makes them self-conscious. This is mostly used by people whose profession involves the use of their face. Models, flight crew, and other such people are required to have braces.

While there are some people who have suffered some dental injuries and due to that they have disfigured teeth. People like soldiers, war veterans, people practicing martial arts, and others are required to get braces. Some children also are required to wear braces to sort dental health issues. Now, these people might not be well of to pay for the procedure. This is where free braces come into the scene. That’s why the free dental implants for veterans Program running to our world war warriors.

free braces
free braces

The process to get braces is not quite easy. It is both time-consuming as well as takes up a lot of money. If you are a pregnant woman and are in a dire need of dental assistance especially braces, then you too, are eligible for these free braces programs and free braces consultation near me programs. All you need to do is do a little research for it.

Braces for free programs are run by several organizations and dental schools. These programs offer free braces to those who can not afford to pay for the entire process of getting the braces. Now some organizations might pay for half of the process while some might pay for the entire process. This entirely depends on the financial condition of the applicant. You can apply to these organizations as well to get the benefits of these braces for free programs.

How To Get Braces For Free?

Even if you are not a model, a flight attendant, a war vet, or a child, you can still get yourself braces for free. However, there will be some eligibility criteria that you would have to follow to get yourself braces for free. Having a perfect smile and flashing a beautiful smile are the rights of every citizen. If you are someone who is tumulted with questions like: “How can I get braces for free?” or “How to qualify for free braces?” then you are in the right spot. Here are a few places where you can get yourself braces for free guaranteed.

  • Smile Changes Lives:

Smile Changes Lives is a non-profit organization that has been helping people get affordable dental care since 1997. The organization has been organizing braces for free programs for quite a few years now. It helps people who fall under the age category of 7 to 21 years. Basically, this organization specifically helps the citizens who fall in the children, teenagers, and young adults demography of the society. However, to get free braces from this organization you would have to fulfill a few of these eligibility criteria.

how to get braces for free
how to get braces for free

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The applicant must have a healthy oral hygiene.
  2. He or she must not have any unfilled cavities.
  3. Citizens who are already wearing braces are not eligible to get braces for free from this organization.
  4. If not a dire need, the applicant must display a moderate need for free braces from this organization.
  5. Apart from these criteria, one would also have to meet the organization’s financial guidelines. Now, here we would like to notify you that these financial guidelines of the organization may vary from state to state. Hence, you would have to check the eligibility criteria and the financial guidelines of the organizations that are set for your state.

Once you pass all these eligibility criteria without any difficulty you would be deemed eligible to get the braces for free from this organization. However, there’s a small catch here. The organization would pay for your child’s braces and all the processes that follow but you would have to pay a $30 application fee which is non-refundable and would also have to make a $650 investment. This brings the total to nearly $700 yet the deal is catch worthy as it is way better than paying almost $8000 for just braces.

  • DentalSave Dental Plans:

DentalSave Dental Plans are for those citizens who do not qualify for programs like Medicaid or CHIP. These plans are to be considered when you are in need of dental plans for braces for free or other such orthodontic procedures. These plans are specifically curated for less fortunate citizens who are in search of orthodontic procedures at lower prices or free of cost. These plans from DentalSave can help you save up a good amount of money that you otherwise would have spent on braces for children and/or adults of your family.

You can also get these plans if you search for free braces consultation near me. Once you have located the right DentalSave dental plan for your situation, you would be subjected to get a discounted rate for all the dental processes you are prescribed for. For instance, if your dentist normally charges you $7,000 -$8,000 for braces then after applying for the DentalSave dental plans, you would only have to pay roughly $5,250. In certain cases, you might also get a lower rate but that entirely depends upon the financial status you reveal to your dentist and to the panel providing these DentalSave Dental Plans.

In most of the cases, normally a DentalSave Dental Plan member is subjected to qualify for a 25% discount on braces. However, this is decided by the panel and the dentist. You would have to contact your dentist to get to know whether or not are you getting braces for free or do you have to pay a certain amount for the procedure. If the dentist declares that you would have to pay, then you would have to ask him about the exact amount that you would have to piece together to pay for the procedures.

How To Get Free Braces With Medicaid?

Medicaid is a well-known plan administered by the federal government. This plan is used by the citizens of the United States of America to solve different health issues. But, here the question is can you get free braces with Medicaid? And the answer is, yes!! Yes, you can get braces for free with Medicaid. You can also get the answer to another question of yours and that is where to get free braces consultation near me.

Now there are different ways to get free braces with Medicaid. The children of the family have different plans while the others can get benefits of the program directly is what I mean. The program that helps the children get braces for free from the government is called CHIP. CHIP is the Children’s Health Insurance Plan that helps the parents of children who need to get braces to pay for the process.

how to get free braces with medicaid
how to get free braces with Medicaid
  • Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP):

The Children’s Health Insurance Plan is also known as the state-sponsored low-income insurance program. This program as the name suggests, helps the less fortunate citizens pay for health care and especially their dental care. This includes braces for free programs and free braces consultation near me programs. However, this only is beneficial to children falling under the age of 0 to 18 years of age.

But there are some states that might provide these benefits to children falling in the age criteria of 0 to 21 years of age. Other eligibility criteria that one needs to fulfill is to display a modest orthodontic condition and the condition must be considered medically necessary according to the guidelines of the dentist or the dental schools.

Some of the commonly covered orthodontic conditions that are included under the Children’s Health Insurance Plan are:

  1. Cleft Palate
  2. Excessive overjet
  3. Incurring issues or pain while eating or chewing
  4. Having structural jawline or jaw issues that induce pain or difficulty opening and closing the mouth
  5. Severe underbites, overbites, or crossbites
  6. Impacted teeth
  7. Congenial hypodontia or hyperdontia

These are just a few conditions off the top of my head. The list is quite long and may vary with every dentist. Also, it is possible that a child might have various conditions at the same time. If you wish to get the benefits of this program you can apply to the free braces consultation near me programs or visit your orthodontist for a consultation. Note that this consultation might be complimentary from the doctor’s office or it might also be covered by your insurance provider.

  • Medicaid for Adults:

Here I would like to tell you that it is not quite common to get braces for free for adults. It is quite unlikely to get the entire process of getting braces covered as an adult. However, there are some exceptions. If you are a citizen who is qualified to avail the benefits of Medicaid and you also have a medical condition that can be treated with braces, then you might be eligible to get the entire process of getting braces covered.

However, you would have to get your orthodontist to second the fact that the braces for free that you are applying for are actually a necessity. There are a few orthodontic conditions that are common and most frequently covered by Medicaid and they are:

  1. Disfiguration of teeth due to accidental trauma to the mouth, teeth, or jaw
  2. TMJ
  3. Sleep apnea
  4. Severe malocclusion causing physical or emotional harm.

These might be reasons for people like war vets, or people induced in physical activities to get braces for free or apply for free braces consultation near me programs most commonly. But if you are not a war vet or a person indulging in any kind of physical activity, but you have these conditions then too you can avail the benefits of this federally funded program we know as Medicaid.

How To Qualify For Free Braces?

It feels great to get things and services for free, right? And for a process that is quite expensive like getting braces, getting some relief in the bills feels so great. Finding an orthodontist that provides 100% free services is quite attractive but let me tell you it is not entirely true. Every orthodontist who claims to provide braces for free programs or free braces consultation near me programs would require the patient or the applicant to invest a certain amount in the program irrespective of whatever the program is about.

There are several programs that claim o provide braces for free to the needy, less fortunate, and poor citizens of the United States of America. These programs may in themselves vary from state to state depending on the resources available to the state authorities. However, one thing that is quite common in most of them is the eligibility criteria. Now the basic eligibility criteria for these free braces programs or free braces consultation near me programs would be all similar but there might be some criteria that would differ in some or the other cases.

The basic eligibility criteria that all the applicants are required to fulfill are that they must be a citizen of the United States of America. He or she should display a need for financial resources to pay for the procedures of getting the braces. The applicant should also have a condition that might need assistance and can be solved by the application of the braces.

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If it is for the children of the family then the children must be eligible according to the criteria set by the organizations. In most of the cases, this age range will be 1 to 18 years. However, this might also vary as some agencies tend to provide the benefits of free braces to the children till the age of 21 years.

Organizations That Help Pay For Braces

Enough talk about how to get free braces and free braces consultation near me programs by yourself. You can also opt for the good old method of applying to different charitable benevolent organizations that work especially to help those in need. There are organizations that help pay for braces particularly as well. You can apply to these organizations and avail the benefits of their programs.

  • The Donated Orthodontic Services:

Now the Donated Orthodontic Services are not particularly enlisted in the organizations that help pay for braces but are a series of programs that are administered by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). The American Association of Orthodontists and its members have volunteered to help the needy, poor, and less fortunate with maintaining their dental healths. The Donated Orthodontic Services has up till now come to rescue for 914 patients across the entire United States of America.

organizations that help pay for braces
organizations that help pay for braces

They not only help the citizens get the resources required for the procedures but also help them financially by providing them with money to afford these procedures. They have donated 5 million dollars till now to those in need. However, to avail of the benefits of these services, you would have to meet the eligibility criteria set by the organization. The most basic criteria to get the benefits of these services is that the applicant must fall in the age gap of 7 to 18 years. They should also have good oral hygiene and must also not have any unfilled cavities.

Apart from the health criteria, the financial criteria also have to be fulfilled. The parents should display a financial crunch while applying for these services. The patients are also required to show some volunteer community service experience. They also have a criterion where they require GPA or C+ qualification. If you fulfill all these eligibility criteria then you can easily apply to these services.

  • Smile For A Lifetime:

Smile for a Lifetime is yet another organization that helps with maintaining the dental health of the poor, needy, and less fortunate citizens of the nation. This non-profit charity organization is one of the organizations that help pay for braces. Basically, this organization works to help the children of the nation get better dental health and hygiene. It provides pro bono care to financially disadvantaged kids who display a need of professional assistance for their dental needs especially to get braces.

They prioritize helping those children who suffer from crooked teeth or have a condition called buck teeth. This is one of those organizations that help pay for braces by working in collaboration with several other organizations that help pay for braces and dental schools and orthodontists practicing independently. Children who are not only financially deprived but also those children who are currently living in foster homes or are living with a family that is unable to make the ends meet academically, financially, and in the areas of health hygiene are most welcome in this organization.

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The application process for this organization and the free braces programs along with their free braces consultation near me programs is quite easy. All you need to do is visit their official website and fill an application form. Along with the application form, you would be required to submit some necessary documents.

These documents include proof of nationality, proof of income, proof of the condition provided by the orthodontist, and others. Along with the application form and necessary documents you would also have to look out for eligibility criteria and deadlines to follow. Once you are set with all these details, you would just have to wait for the results announced by this benevolent non-profit charity organization.

  • Churches and Community Health Centres:

Now churches and community health centers are not exactly the organizations that help pay for braces but they can be if you promise to help them in return. Churches and community health centers are those organizations that help pay for braces that only help you with money partially. In some cases, it might also refer you to the organizations’ orthodontist so you could get free braces or get other procedures done for free.

You can go around your town and look for community health centers and churches that are ready to help you with the free braces or the free braces consultation near me programs. You can pick out of them or apply to all of them. You just need to go to them and tell them about your financial and medical problems.

If they agree with you and if and only if they have the resources for helping you out, they will help you out. In return for this help they are providing you, they would ask you to attend a couple of masses if it is a church you are asking for help from.

If it is a community center that you are seeking help from then you would have to sign up for some kind of community help service mandatorily. You could either sign up for Soup Kitchens or drive the needy to their destinations in the community health centers vehicle or can do anything that they assign you in return for the help that they provide you.

Free Braces Consultation Near Me Programs:

No-cost dental consultations or the free braces consultation near me programs are probably provided by almost all the orthodontics in your town, city, county, and state. Now, most of the citizens are unaware of the fact that they can actually get free braces consultation near me programs, but the truth is that it is quite usual and normal. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while getting free braces consultation near me programs.

Free Braces Consultation Near Me
Free Braces Consultation Near Me

The first thing while entering these free braces consultation near me programs is that you would have the full right to know the team. One of the primary purposes of free braces consultation near me programs is to enable the patients or the applicants to get to know the team that will be working on their case. Every single person on the team is supposed to be introduced to the applicant.

The second thing is that you can have your queries solved. Now, I know how hard it is for a person who is getting braces for the first time to get through with the process. There are a lot of questions that one would like to have answers to. And this is the second and most important thing to remember. You can ask as many questions as you have regarding the procedure of getting braces for free and other dental hygiene issues that you might be suffering from.

The third and fourth thing that you should never forget while entering the free braces consultation near me programs are that you will have some pictures taken or would be enabled to discuss about the images you might have sent in and you would be allowed to discuss various orthodontic treatment options. Once you and the orthodontist have had a discussion regarding people who are supposed to be treating you, you would be taken in to get some pictures of your mouth to diagnose the problem.

This would be entirely free and the discussion followed will also be free of cost. Once all this process is done with, you would be given the option to choose from the treatment options. You must not be afraid of asking several questions regarding the options provided to you and be free to take as much time as you wish.

To Sum It Up…

Getting free braces has helped several people save thousands of dollars from their hard-earned money. Several organizations that help pay for braces and work tirelessly to help maintain the dental hygiene of every citizen in the United States of America have provided both finances and resources to those in need so that they can get braces for free from the place that they wish to or trust the most. For more information, you can contact the agencies and non-profit charity organizations discussed above. They will provide you with a detailed overview of the programs that are offered by them.

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