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Grants for medical treatment

Financial Help For Adults With ADHD: Overcome Money Issues

People with ADHD come across many hurdles in life. Their inability to retain attention and focus on simple everyday tasks makes them suffer financially. However, numerous sources are offering financial help for adults with ADHD. ADHD is a mental disorder characterized by hyperactivity, lack of focus, inability of attention retention, and impulsivity.

This illness is gaining on people exponentially. Though it often goes unnoticed, the year 2022 research says more than 10 million adults in the US suffer from ADHD. Naturally, these people would depend on a caretaker, and even if they were by themselves, it would be difficult for them to sustain themselves, which is why there are grants for adults with ADHD.

Financial Help For Adults With ADHD: Everyday Assistance

Adults who have ADHD often struggle to complete their regular tasks. The federal government understands the struggle and hence empowers them financially. ADHD grants are the government’s way of offering financial help for adults with ADHD.

Financial Help For Adults With ADHD

Grownups and students require high levels of concentration to sail through their courses and unburden them from financial stress; several sources provide them with funds for the specially-abled. Over 200+ grants worth $5K are available as we speak.

Bob Woodruff Foundation Grant

  • The Salute to Service program administered by NFL is also offered by the Bob Woodruff Foundation, where a whopping amount is awarded to eligible applicants.
  • The funding is available to the applicants twice a year.
  • The program is for war veterans, but their families can benefit.
  • It enables the applicants to live a better life.

Social Security Disability

  • The SSD, or the Social Security Disability program, is a federal way to help adults suffering from ADHD.
  • Adults who cannot keep or get a job because of illness are eligible for these funds.
  • You can visit the official website of SSDI to apply for the benefits and understand the program better.

Social Security Income (SSI)

  • Social Security Income is a benefit program that offers financial assistance for ADHD adults.
  • It offers monthly payments to disabled citizens (Mental disability also counts).
  • The official website of SSI gives out all the required information regarding application to the program.

Apart from these programs, other government programs offer ADHD grants as well. You can explore the federal government’s official website to look for grants that are most suitable for you. Medicaid and Medicare also offer financial help. You can look into their details to better understand the kind of help they can offer you.

Financial Assistance For ADHD Adults: Student Sustenance

Students suffer the most due to ADHD, and the number of students suffering from the illness is increasing every day. These students are assisted by several organizations that offer financial assistance for ADHD adults so that they can cruise through their academic careers easily.

Financial Assistance For ADHD Adults

State Government Grants

  • Every state in the US offers specific grants for ADHD and scholarships for students suffering from this illness.
  • A student interested in seeking the benefits of these grants and scholarships must contact the state department that grants these funds.
  • They will direct you through the application process and eligibility criteria that can get you the grant for sure.

The Federal Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

  • Students who require financial assistance for their academics are assisted by FSEOG.
  • You can inquire in the universities and colleges you wish to apply to; the majority of the educational institutions offer this grant.
  • The grant amount varies between $100- $400. However, the grant amount is limited. Hence, the students who wish to apply for them need to do it ASAP.

Learning Disorder Resource Foundation

  • This organization offers the most generous financial assistance for ADHD adults.
  • The organization administers award programs that assist students with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning abilities.
  • The award is distributed on merit. Hence, you’d have to check and submit the required documents to strengthen your chances of getting the benefits.

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Scholarships For ADHD

Along with the organizations and their financial assistance programs, specially-abled adults can also apply for scholarships. These scholarships for ADHD are offered by various non-profit organizations and universities that understand the value of education and the struggle of suffering from a learning disorder.

Scholarships For ADHD

Here are a few programs and institutions that help those in need.

Dylan’s Journey Memorial Scholarship

  • This aid is available to students studying in high school, graduate programs, and undergraduate programs.
  • It is offered only to one student suffering from a learning disability. To apply to the program, you need to be quick and effective.
  • You are required to submit an essay or a video that explains your experiences with your learning disability, your motivation to pursue higher studies, and reasons for you being the best candidate for the scholarship.

Ruthie Brown Scholarship

  • This one requires work experience and is offered to people from ethnicities.
  • Any student who fulfills these criteria and suffers from a learning disability can apply to this scholarship program.
  • Another vital criterion to get selected is to explain your planning regarding student debt payment.

Life-Changing Concepts Scholarship

  • This program is open to all, offering a scholarship amount of $1,000. Unlike the above two, the Life-changing concepts scholarship is for any student who wishes to explore education through new and unique concepts.
  • The scholarship benefits students who get the most out of Life-Changing Concepts. You will be a strong applicant if you:
    1. Read Life-Changing Concepts every week
    2. Share Life-Changing Concepts with your friends
    3. Engage with Life-Changing Concepts’ content

Some organizations also offer education-level specific scholarships for ADHD students. For instance, some organizations specifically offer scholarships to high school students, whereas others offer funds to graduate and undergraduate students.

High School Scholarships For People With ADHD

Non-profit organizations that advocate issues faced by people with learning disabilities also offer scholarships for people with ADHD. Students, especially high school students, require great attention to focus on their studies, and to reward them, these scholarships are awarded to them.

Scholarships for People With ADHD
  • Anne Ford Scholarship
  • Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship
  • Fred J. Epstein Youth Achievement Awards
  • Microsoft Disability Scholarship

These programs vary in their eligibility criteria, but their motive is one – to help those in need. The scholarship amount varies from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on the applicant’s need.

Scholarships For Students With ADHD: Especially for Undergrads

With ADHD grants, if you are a student, you can apply to organizations that offer scholarships for students with ADHD. Some NGOs offer funds primarily for students enrolled in or about to enroll in undergraduate programs.

  • AAHD Scholarship Program
  •  The Nicholas Costa Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Foundation For Science and Disability Scholarship
  • Disabled Person.Inc
  • Wise Geek Disability Scholarship

The amount awarded through these programs varies from $500 to $5,000, depending on the program and its criteria. Some may only award the amount to 1 applicant, while others may provide funds to as many as 5 applicants. You can look for the most suitable program, however, it is advisable to apply to more than one program.


Living with a learning disability is challenging, but there are ways to treat them, and till it’s treated, you need to live with it. Until you are treated, these NGOs can offer funds via their financial help for adults with ADHD programs. You can check these scholarships for ADHD out if you seek financial help.

ADHD Grants FAQs

Is proof that I have ADHD and/or another learning disability required to be eligible for ADHD scholarships?

Yes. Almost all scholarship programs require evidence of your disability. Holding a 504 plan can serve as proof; if not, you can get your doctor to certify your condition.

Can I get money for my ADHD?

Several non-profit and federal organizations offer financial assistance to students and adults who suffer from ADHD. You can check out the above-mentioned sites that offer financial help for adults with ADHD.

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