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Free Colostomy Supplies For Low Income: Accessible Care

While various medical reasons cause you to have the colostomy surgical procedure to bypass the usual way of exiting the body waste, the free colostomy supplies for low income families and individuals are required to have this surgery under ostomy when their colon is not working correctly.

Over half of the American population suffers out-of-pocket costs and high deductibles and cannot afford medical supplies, including over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, Colostomy Bags/Pouches, Flanges or Skin Barriers, Ostomy Belts, Stoma Paste, Caps or Rings and other medical equipment.

Free Ostomy Supplies: A Lifeline for Many

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, One out of every four Americans cannot afford to follow their medical prescriptions due to high costs of supplies. Indeed, free ostomy supplies save a lot of your money and provide the sufficiency of surgical treatment.

Free Ostomy Supplies A Lifeline for Many

The good news is that free ostomy supplies can be available on different avenues; there are multiple ostomy support groups and organizations that we shall discuss here, giving way to the patients the necessary medical services without paying for the welfare of society.

A colostomy is a procedure under the ostomy that is a surgically created opening in your body to discharge the body waste. To ostomate refers to the patient having a stoma or opening way out made in the body artificially using this colostomy supply.

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Best Places to Get Emergency Ostomy Supplies

You need to understand that finding emergency ostomy supplies alone would be challenging and time-consuming. Hence, we have managed to conceal the best places to provide you with what you require in your emergency health conditions.

  1. Friends of Ostomates Worldwide-USA (FOW-USA)
    • This volunteer-run non-profit organization aims to provide free colostomy bags for ostomates that help them manage their out-of-wallet expenses and have affordable treatment. It provides facial and urostomy pouches to individuals and supports different organizations with their supplies stores.
  2. Pharmacy Chains
    • You can get emergency ostomy supplies by visiting nearby pharmacies or the online retailers of popular pharmacies. While trying to fetch the detail, you may check out the following names that would better assist you with your requirements.
  3. Major Ostomy Manufacturers
  4. United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA)
    • This non-profit organization supports individuals to get emergency ostomy supplies through local affiliated support groups. It also advocates the rights and needs of the ostomates by providing valuable resources.
  5. Ostogroup
    • The Ostogroup is another popular place to get free colostomy supplies for low income ostomates who can’t afford the expensive surgical treatment. It offers various resources to support people, including the ostomy.
  6. Ostomy 2-1-1
    • It provides colostomy supplies free of cost and works like a food pantry model. It also accepts donated ostomy supplies to further deliver them to ostomates requiring them in their emergency health conditions.
  7. Online Retailers
    • You can get the best offers through these online retailer platforms to get free colostomy supplies for low income individuals; apart from it, you can also get to purchase their discounted coupons or reduced rate of these ostomy supplies.

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Colostomy With Supply Costing: Overview

Colostomy With Supply Costing Overview

What causes you to have a Colostomy?

The health conditions that cause you to have this surgery include colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis), congenital anomalies, traumatic injury, or other medical conditions that might affect your intestines or urinary tract.

Post the colostomy surgery; you must take vital care of your stoma or opening in the body that requires the colostomy supplies such as pouches or bags to collect waste from your body.

According to our sources, almost 75% of the applicants who have applied for the free colostomy supplies for low income families live below the federal poverty line, and every year, thousands of people need support with the expenses of the medical supplies.

What is the cost of Colostomy Supplies?

We have created the total cost breakdown for the colostomy surgical procedure to help you estimate your monthly budget and affordability before seeking a free colostomy for low-income families.

  1. Colostomy Pouches
    • Colostomy Pouches come in a box that includes 10 to 20 pouches with prices ranging from $25 to $100, which can be even more considering the brand and purchase location.
  2. Skin Barriers/Flanges
    • For the box of 5 to 10, the price of the skin barriers and flanges ranges from $25 to $100 and is subject to vary based on different locations.
  3. Stoma Paste/Rings
    • This will be a little less expensive and may not be available with the same brand in every store. However, the prices for the stoma paste or rings can be between $5 to $50.
  4. Protective Wipes and Sprays
    • The Protective Wipes and Sprays can cost around $5 to $20; it doesn’t vary significantly between different brands and is cheaper than others.
  5. Other Additional Supplies
    • The other colostomy supplies, such as belts, deodorants, and adhesive removers, can be covered under the $5 to $50.

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Different Ostomy Procedures: Medical Supplies

While we’ve understood the ostomy surgery and why the medical supplies are necessary to maintain the overall health of Ostomy operations patients, you can proceed to understand the different types of procedures, most commonly found in medical practices, that would further build your knowledge about ostomy supplies.

Sr. No.Ostomy ProcedureMedical Supplies
1Colostomy– Colostomy bags/pouches (closed or drainable)
– Skin barriers/flanges
– Stoma paste/rings
– Protective wipes/sprays
– Ostomy belts
– Stoma measuring guides
– Deodorants for pouches
2Ileostomy– Ileostomy bags/pouches (usually drainable)
– Skin barriers/flanges
– Stoma paste/rings
– Protective wipes/sprays
– Ostomy belts
– Night drainage systems
– Deodorants for pouches
3Urostomy– Urostomy pouches (specialized for urine collection)
– Skin barriers/flanges
– Night drainage containers
– Protective wipes/sprays
– Anti-reflux valves
– Stoma measuring guides
4Jejunostomy– Jejunostomy feeding tubes (J-tubes)
– Skin barriers/flanges for J-tubes
– Tube feeding formula
– Feeding pumps and bags
– Syringes for flushing
– Adhesive removal wipes
5Tracheostomy– Tracheostomy tubes
– Tube holders/ties
– Speaking valves (for some patients)
– Heat and moisture exchangers (HME) or humidifiers
– Suction catheters and machines
– Cleaning brushes for tube maintenance
6Gastrostomy– Gastrostomy feeding tubes (G-tubes or PEG tubes)
– Skin barriers/flanges for G-tubes
– Tube feeding formula
– Feeding pumps and bags
– Syringes for flushing
– Adhesive removal wipes
7Cecostomy– Cecostomy tubes
– Skin barriers/flanges for cecostomy tubes
– Irrigation solutions and kits
– Syringes for flushing
8Nephrostomy– Nephrostomy tubes
– Collection bags
– Skin barriers/flanges for nephrostomy tubes
– Drainage solutions and kits
– Protective wipes/sprays

With over $3 billion in market size, the ostomy-supplying industry’s revenue is projected to reach $4.8 billion by 2030, with a growth rate of 4.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2030. Free or low cost ostomy supplies have become crucial for people who cannot afford the expensive cost.

The number of people worldwide having an ostomy is around 13.5 million, of which approximately 55% are males and 45% are females. This data alone indicates how necessary the free colostomy supplies must be managed with careful consideration of the number of patients.

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This article comprehensively discussed the free colostomy supplies for low income individuals with ostomy surgical treatment, often referred to as ostomates. You will get the best places to get emergency ostomy supplies and understand the cost breakout to manage your expenses better.


Where can I get free ostomy supplies?

Various organizations are introducing free colostomy supply programs to give away the ostomates who cannot afford their necessary medical treatment expenses. You can contact the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA), outgroups, and ostomy 2-1-1.

How much does a colostomy cost?

The colostomy cost can vary widely based on several factors, including geographic location, specific types of health facilities, and existing health conditions. However, in general, the colostomy cost without insurance can range between $20000 to $60000 or more in the United States.

Is colostomy surgery safe?

Colostomy surgery is commonly performed and considered safe under the different ostomy procedures. However, any medical treatment comes with risk factors and potential complications; this surgery includes infection, bleeding, anesthesia reaction, bowel obstruction, or stoma complications.

How to get free ostomy supplies for cancer patients?

Reach out to significant ostomy manufacturers like Coloplast or CanvaTec, who often introduce programs for cancer patients to support them financially. You can also visit nearby non-profit organizations or religion-based community groups to get potential help.

How do I get free Hollister ostomy supplies?

The Hollister, a famous brand in the ostomy supply industry, often introduces sample supplies for patients to try free of cost to analyze the best fit. You can directly visit their site and check out the latest released offers and discounted coupons for their products.

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