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How Blue Cross Blue Shield IVF Coverage Benefits in 2024?

You might wonder about the reports by Forbes health – a single IVF Cycle may grab $30000 or beyond in one go from your wallet. (BCBS) Blue Cross Blue Shield IVF Coverage protects you from money loss while having such fertility treatments.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is getting an upsurged stage in the medical science of today’s era. Short your Mind for a while to understand that No ART technique is cheap. They are heavy-budget medical treatments, and Blue Cross Blue Shield IVF Coverage fills your half-circle of hope.

Get Blue Cross Blue Shield IVF Coverage

The empirical data studies by Jama Network suggest that more than 50% of women undergoing the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment already have IVF Insurance Coverage.

Get Blue Cross Blue Shield IVF Coverage

Assessing 1572 women in the survey, considering varying patients’ risk factors, the mean birth probability after the four IVF cycles with insured women was exponentially higher than the self-pay women.

An average of three IVF cycles might end up washing out your yearly saving of as much as $50000 or more; this is when the blue cross blue shield IVF Coverage aids your out-of-wallet expenses.

However, the study found that people have to hassle paying their monthly bills and IVF medications even after having conventional IVF insurance.

Most states don’t have the mandate to provide infertility insurance benefits; this is where the Blue Cross Blue Shield infertility Coverage can secretly rescue your infertility expenses.

  • Despite covering infertility insurance for large employers (around 56%) having more than 500 employees, they don’t include Assisted Reproductive Treatments in their insurance coverage, such as IVF, IUI, and other embryo transfer techniques, since they are highly advanced and expensive treatments.

American Medical Association (AMA) identified infertility as a disease in 2017; it is defined as the inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of regular, unprotected sexual intercourse unless medical history, age, or physical findings dictate earlier evaluation and treatment.

Source – fertility survery report (2021) | mercer

One source said one in every five women in the state struggled to get pregnant. IVF insurance coverage blue cross blue shield Infertility has become dominant in the said culture of society due to several associated health risk factors damaging the youth.

ART prevails in medical science because of the rising desire to get pregnant between couples. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) reports that almost 1.8% of U.S. infants are born using Assisted Reproductive Techniques.
Almost 21% of the self-pay recipients or the patients undergoing the IVF treatment discontinue the treatment after their first cycle. This results in a poor IVF success rate, which ranges between 12% to 49% and varies depending on the patient’s age and medical conditions.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance cover IVF?

In all 50 states, Blue cross Shield Insurance cover IVF and other infertility treatments under assisted reproductive technology (ART), such as Artificial Insemination – IUI and ICI, organ transfer and under organ xeroxing, gamete or zygote intrafallopian tube transfer, and low tubal ovum transfer.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance cover IVF

To check out your available blue cross blue shield infertility coverage, you shall directly visit the local BCBS website here. In addition, almost all doctors and hospitals widely accept BCBS IVF coverage.

You can contact your local BCBS company to explore the detailed information and updated cross blue shield infertility coverage structure. In this article, you can also get how the blue cross blue shield covers egg freezing.

There’s a BCBS insurance subsidy tool provided by the company to estimate your assisted Blue Cross Blue Shield IVF total costing and eligibility criteria based on your existing annual family income and family household size to know the functioning of how does blue cross cover IVF in its insured coverage policy.

What is IVF?

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the type of infertility treatment under assisted reproductive technology. The artificial fertilization process happens by combining (mixing) the egg with a sperm in a glass tube, scientifically called “in-vitro”.

What is IVF

The first person born through IVF was Louise Brown. IVF was applauded in medical science in 1978, when Louise Joy Brown was born on 25 July 1978 and considered this day the most remarkable medical breakthrough of the 20th Century.

Babies born from the IVF treatment, commonly called test tube babies under artificial fertilization, are more likely to get raised in numbers in the coming future since faulty genetic conditions of the couples affect the natural pregnancy ratio.

Blue Cross blue shield Fertility Coverage

BCBS IVF coverage offers premier health and well discounts upon the membership programs. You shall explore the latest discount offering on the various fertility treatments recommended by your doctors.

There are exclusive offers available to BLUE365 members which you can utilize as well as post-infertility treatments. In addition, blue Cross blue shield Fertility Coverage can be your handpicked deal on the BCBS Company website, where you can directly find your local doctor who provides blue cross blue shield IVF.

In 2022, the affordable care act (ACA) was extended, underpinning the needed inflation reduction act, which has paved the way for blue cross blue shield cover egg freezing and artificial insemination processes after premium tax credits.

How Does BCBS cover IVF?

Yes, the BCBS cover IVF and different assisted reproductive technics under their family and health care programs. You can check out their local website, based on where you want to get treatment across the 50 states.

How Does BCBS cover IVF

Fundamental to advanced Infertility treatments (Assisted Reproductive Technology) are included under the mentioned guidelines in this article here about how does blue cross blue shield cover infertility.

Here, you will get the BCBS cover IVF brief costing that is insured for you if you get the IVF insurance coverage blue cross blue shield.

  • Initial Consultation Cost – $250 to $500
  • Fresh Egg IVF Cycle – $14,500 to $20000
  • Followed IVF Cycle Biopsy & CCS/PGT-A – $16000 to $20000
  • Clinical CNY Fertility – $5000
  • Genetic Testing – $900 per Embryo Test
  • IVF Medication Cost – $190 to $2000
  • Ultrasound Test – $60
  • Assumed Costing Inclusion
    • ICSI and Assisted Hatching
    • Retrieval and Anesthesia
    • Necessity Cryopreservation Cost (Excluding the 1-year storage)
    • Hormonal anti-sperm antibodies
    • Egg and Semen analysis tests
    • Vasography
    • Hysteroscopy

Different types of assisted reproductive treatments are covered under the BCBS Company insurance, which is variedly spread in different states.

Therapeutic Operative Procedures are considered in the Blue Cross blue shield Fertility Coverage for both males and females.

Specifical infertility drugs, which are usually expensive in the commercial market along with the Dopamine agonists such as cabergoline and bromocriptine, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), human menopausal gonadotropins (hMG), and Clomiphene citrate.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Infertility: Limitation

BCBS companies provide complete infertility treatment coverage. However, certain limitations and conditions are predetermined by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Infertility under some technical grounds.

Following are certain conditions excluded from the benefits for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Infertility.

  • Terminated Embryo
  • Cry-Preservation Expenses – Storage of Sperm, Eggs, and Embryo. Excluding the ART procedures that require the cryo-preserved substance.
  • Hospitality and Extra services other than the core procedure cost for the Patient.
  • The non-Medical necessary cost of the egg or sperm donor.
  • Traveling costs unless the disability-inclusive insurance.
  • Post-recovery cost and added comorbidity charges.

Despite the limitations, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Infertility (BCBS) suffices the expensive treatment for people in need since IVF registers due mainly to faulty genetic conditions. It rarely happens to aspire to the wishes of couples or partners.


In this article, we have comprehensively discussed the Blue Cross Blue Shield IVF Coverage and got cleared with does BCBS cover IVF. We have also mentioned the other basic to advanced blue cross blue shield infertility coverage.


Is IVF something that is generally covered by insurance?

General insurance may or may not cover advanced infertility treatments like IVF or IUI, and you may have to buy special insurance coverage for IVF.

Does BCBS cover IVF in Texas?

BCBS offers insurance to a more comprehensive range of infertility treatment insurers in 50 different states, including texas. You can find the local BCBS company affiliated with the nearby doctor or healthcare.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois cover IVF?

Yes, in recent years, BCBS has introduced the program in the family and pregnancy healthcare segment. You must visit the website to get detailed IVF coverage under the blue cross shield in Illinois.

Does Blue Cross cover IVF in California?

The blue cross blue shield (BCBS) has covered IVF and other infertility diagnoses treatments and embryo transplants in the state of California.

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