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Get Government Grants For Surgery 2023

Government offering grants for surgery to help low income patients, you can use this grants for medical procedures. Apply medical grants for surgery Today.

People listen up; this is very important for those who wish to get financial assistance for medical procedures. You can now get government grants for surgery through various branches of the U.S. Federal Government. Apart from government grants for surgery, there are several other ways to get medical grants for surgery. Numerous non-profit and for-profit organizations often provide these grants for surgery. If you are not looking for surgery grants but for any other procedure, you can get financial aid through grants for medical procedures.

There might not be government grants for surgery directly provided by the federal government, but you can reach out to them for help through several other methods. However, there are many other medical grants for patients provided by NGOs and charity organizations that you can opt for along with applying for the said government grants for surgery if some extra money for the surgery is needed.

Which Are Some Government Grants For Surgery And How To Apply?

In times of crisis, we always look up to the federal government to get us out of trouble. In case of aid for surgery, you can also get the needed help. There are a few government grants for surgery that you can apply for if you are in need of the funds instantly. As said earlier, these grants for surgery are not provided directly, but there are different ways through which you can get the grants for surgery.

  • State Medicaid:

Every one of us has heard about Medicaid. Some of us might have used it too, in our times of crisis. For those who don’t know, Medicaid helps the low-income, needy, and poor with their medical procedures and surgeries. It is a kind of those government grant for surgery that we told you about. The Federal government provides the funds to the state government for these grants for medical procedures and grants for surgery and the state government adds their contribution to it before actually distributing it to those in need.

government grants for surgery
government grants for surgery

State Medicaid is one of the government grants for surgery that provides you with the required financial aid as quickly as possible. These grants for surgery are the best option for those patients who do not have insurance under their name. However, before applying for these medical grants for patients, it is advisable that you check out the eligibility criteria set by your state as the requirement to be fulfilled before they provide you with the grants for surgery.

However, there is one good thing about these kinds of government grants for surgery, and that is that you can apply for them at any time of the year. There are no deadlines for these surgery grants. Another good news is that you can get immediate assistance, including all the payments related to the surgery and post-surgery treatment. You can also apply for the same if you want grants for medical procedures apart from surgery.

  • State Marketplace:

State Medicaid is for people who can not afford medical insurance, while state marketplace is one of the government grants for surgery for those people who do not qualify for State Medicaid. You must be wondering how can one be not eligible for something so easy as Medicaid. Well, a stratum of people do not qualify for the government grants for surgery provided under the title of State Medicaid.

People with a little more money than the eligibility criterion of State Medicaid are eligible for the State Marketplace. State Marketplace is an agency that provides government grants for surgery and grants for medical procedures other than surgery. The State Marketplace provides these medical grants for surgery in a unique way. It provides premium subsidies that lower the monthly price of coverage. It also has cost-sharing subsidies that limit the exposure to deductibles and co-payments.

You can apply online or visit the local state marketplace to get yourself the said medical grants for surgery. However, unlike the State Medicaid, you can not apply for The State Marketplace whenever you wish. You have to follow the deadline and keep all the documents ready at the time of filling out the application form. But there is one thing that is similar in these grants for medical procedures: you can get quick assistance from these agencies.

  • Medically Necessary:

While the above two government grants for surgery are for patients needing an immediate source of funding, this kind of government grant for surgery is for patients whose surgeries are not that immediate. Several kinds of surgeries are covered under these grants for medical procedures.

You can schedule these surgeries at your convenience and make sure that all the bills are covered in the amount provided by these grants for surgery. Under the ACA, any plan will also cover pre-existing conditions with no waiting period. Several surgeries like bariatric surgeries, plastic surgeries, flap surgeries, and many other such surgeries are covered under the title of medically necessary government grants for surgery.

You would have to visit their site online and check whether these medical grants are covering the surgery you are going for surgery or not. Temporary disability and dental surgeries are also covered under this title of grants for medical procedures. It is quite easy to apply for all the government grants for surgery discussed above. But the only precaution you would have to take is in the matter of eligibility criteria.

More or less, the basic eligibility criteria of all these government grants for surgery are quite similar but it is advisable to check these on their respective sites so that there remains no question of ambiguity. The first step to getting these quick aids in the form of grants for medical procedures is to fill an application form and submit the required documents, which generally consist of documents like proof of income and nationality.

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Sources Of Grants For Surgery

Apart from government grants for surgery, there are several other ways to get the required grants for surgery. Several global and national non-profit charity organizations and non-governmental agencies provide these medical grants for surgery. These organizations and institutions provide the said grants for surgery on the basis of different criteria to those who need it direly.

grants for surgery
grants for surgery
  • Aunt Bertha:

Aunt Bertha is a non-profit organization that provides financial aid with medical bills post-surgery and helps you get through the surgery easily without worrying about the following bills. It is a social care network that provides medical grants for surgery.

Not only is it the social care network that provides medical grants for surgery, but it is also an online database that enables its visitors to search for free or reduced-cost human and/or social services. The services that are covered under the grants for surgery provided by this organization include medical care, food, job, training, and many more.

To get the said grants for medical procedures and grants for surgery, all you need to do is fill out an application form. Still, it is also important to check whether or not are the services of the organizations available in your vicinity. Also, some medical grants for surgery are location-specific which means that some grants are only available in some cities, counties, towns, or states of the United States of America.

  • The HealthWell Foundation:

The HealthWell Foundation is an organization that provides its services to reduce the financial barrier for underinsured or non-insured patients with chronic or life-changing diseases. It provides medical grants for surgery and grants for medical procedures to help with medical bills like co-pays for prescription drugs, health insurance premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance. It also takes care of pediatric treatment costs and travel costs.

The HealthWell Foundation has helped several patients till now. In 2019, The HealthWell Foundation provided medical grants for surgery amounting to $160 million. You can apply for various medical grants for surgery provided by this organization. You must visit their official page and look for the disease funds page. There you will find a list of eligibility criteria. If you find yourself eligible for your medical condition, you can fill out the application form for these medical grants for surgery and medical procedures.

National Organizations That Provide Grants For Medical Procedures

Not only surgery but it often happens that one needs financial assistance for several other medical procedures which are not covered by government grants for surgery or medical grants for surgery, for that matter. Grants for medical procedures may include surgeries as well, but of the kind that is not to be performed with immediate effect. These national organizations provide such grants for medical procedures. Read along to know more about these agencies that provide grants for medical procedures and medical grants for surgery.

  • The PAN Foundation:

The Pan Foundation, or the Patient Access Network Foundation, is a national organization that provides financial assistance to patients in need around the 50 United States of America states. The organization understands the problems and issues of underinsured and non-insured patients. It hence has taken it up to itself to help such patients financially with their grants for medical procedures.

They help such patients with these surgery grants to afford the pocket-burning procedures of surgeries and access affordable post-surgery treatments. You can gather information for the eligibility of these grants for medical procedures from the official website of the organization. They also have a feature of an eligibility finder that enables the aspirant applicants to know whether they are eligible.

  • The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics:

The NAFC is a volunteer-based organization that provides a wide variety of grants for medical procedures. This organization provides financial aid to patients facing a financial crunch or economically disadvantaged. The organization strictly provides its services to uninsured or non-insured patients only. Those who have limited access to primary, specialty, or prescription health care are also provided with financial aid through their grants for medical procedures and medical grants for surgery.

The organization provides its services through almost 1400 free and charitable clinics and pharmacies. Depending on an ex, you can search for the right kind of clinic for yourself. Weight loss surgery, you want to get rid of fat. These clinics and pharmacies might also provide you with some grants for medical procedures or medical grants for surgery.

Local Sources To Get Medical Grants For Surgery

You have gained quite a knowledge about government grants for surgery and various grants for medical procedures. However, did you know that you can also get local assistance for medical grants for surgery? I know it sounds a little weird to the ear, but it is true. You can actually generate resources and get medical grants for surgery for yourself.

medical grants for surgery
medical grants for surgery

Well, for starters you can get medical grants for surgery by creating a fundraiser from your phone itself. You can register yourself on and other such sites to organize a fundraiser for the patient. Another way to get the required grants for surgery is to take up surveys to earn that extra pound.

The next way to get medical grants for surgery is to apply to renowned organizations like The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and Modest Needs. These organizations are non-profit organizations that are known nationally. You can reach to them to get the required help financially. You can also ask your church if they do something like medical grants for surgery. I’m sure they would not deny you of any help.

Last but not least you can always ask your friends and family members to help you out of the puddle. However, there is another way to get medical grants for surgery and that is to organize a yard sale or sell things online.

To Sum It Up…
Government Grants for Surgery have been a great help to uninsured and non-insured patients. Along with the help of governmental agencies and non-profit charity organizations, several patients have been provided with medical grants for surgery and medical procedures not covered under the grants of surgery.

You can contact the respective organizations for more information regarding the surgery grants. They will provide you with a detailed overview of all the programs through which medical grants for surgery are offered.

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