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How to Get into Sonography Schools in New York?

“Imagining” and “imaging” what exists inside the body has made all the differences in modern medical science. We know that sonography schools in new york have the upscaling potential to have successful medical careers with earning prospects of $90,000 annually and beyond on average.

We are grateful for such a technique that produces ultrasonic diagnostic images and three-dimensional anatomy to extract accurate diagnostic data in the healthcare field. If you’re passionate about specializing in ultrasonic imaging devices, sonogram schools in NY have the step to feet on your professional journey.

Sonography Schools in New York

According to world reports, based on the previous year’s study, diagnostic medical sonographers earns an annual average of $77,740. BSL’s data also suggests the top 10% of diagnostic medical sonographers earn $101,605, denoting a promising medical career and high pay job after studying at the sonography schools in New York.

Sonography Schools in New York

Being a diagnostic medical sonographer has its own perks that we must know before proceeding.

  • Average Annual Salary
    • $77740
  • Salary in New York
    • Between $81,700 and $104,200 per annum.
  • Current Employment
    • 78,640
  • Employment in New York
    • 6,020
  • Future Job Prospects
    • 4.3 Million Sonographers
  • Growth of Sector
    • 4.2% Rise per year.

New York is the third highest state with medical diagnostic sonography employment, accounting for around 6,020. There are currently 6 CAAHEP Accredited Ultrasound Schools in NY; we have listed them with direct course links under the table below.

Sr No.School NameAddressWebsite
1Rochester Institute of Technology1 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY
2New York Methodist Hospital Center for Allied Health Education1401 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY
3New York University School of Medicine550 First Avenue, New York, NY
4SUNY Upstate Medical University750 East Adams Street, Syracuse, NY
5Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook, NY
6University of Rochester Medical Center601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 668, Rochester, NY

There is a large landscape of learning opportunities at the sonography schools in New York. We’ve fetched certain important information regarding the skills required to become a medical diagnostic sonographer and what skills you must have; given is the job profile for a better understanding.

  • Handful mastery is required of the Ultrasound Machine and associated tools and Equipment to conduct the imaging process.
  • Must have experience in diagnosing medical conditions with sonography results.
  • Experience in sonography clinics or professional physician or hospital care units.

While diagnosis, the sonographers have a high degree of responsibility under numerous levels of decisional latitude and optimum counters of analysis. The sonography schools NYC help to achieve the required skills and degrees.

Ultrasound Tech Schools in NY

Before you master the ultrasound devices, you must enroll yourself in the basic sonography programs in New York that will teach you the required skills and knowledge about ultrasound systems and how to use them and understand the data acquisition process.

Ultrasound Tech Schools in NY

Once you get the idea behind how to filter out the best institution based on your custom choices, affordability, and eligibility, your decision to enter the diagnostic medical sonography will lend fruits of success to you.

As the advancement in the sonogram technician school NY infrastructure also offers the pool of opportunities for the best medical career ahead.

Here, we have listed some top ultrasound technician schools in new york that will help you grow your professional career with CAAHEP-accredited sonogram technician schools NY.

Sr No.Institute NameAddressWebsite
1Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC)80 Vandenburgh Ave
BRN 026
Troy, NY 12180
2Long Island University (LIU)One University Plaza
HS 247
Brooklyn, NY 11201
3Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)153 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623
4Western Suffolk BOCES (WSB)152 Laurel Hill Road
Northport, NY 11768
5Center for Allied Health Education (CAHE)
1401 Kings Highway
Brooklyn, NY 11229
6Hunter Business School (HBS)3247 Route 112
Bldg # 3
Medford, NY 11763
7SUNY Downstate Medical Center (SDMC)450 Clarkson Avenue
Box 1192
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Ultrasound Tech Schools in NY

Ultrasound Tech Schools in NY

“Having delivered several invited speeches and have won accolades for teaching, including a 2002 RIT Eisenhart Award for Outstanding Teaching.”

— Hamad Ghazle, Director of DMS Program, RIT, New York

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Sonography Programs in New York

You shall complete the accredited school degree program for the diagnostic medical sonographer or lateral ultrasound certification course or sonography program in new york.

Sonography Programs in New York

However, before you head over the enrollment procedure in a sonography school in NY, you must consider the following factors to get the best sonography programs in NY.

  1. School or Program Acknowledgment
    • The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) provides the largest programmatic accreditation in the health sciences professions education and helps recognize the best ultrasound tech schools NY.
    • It has 1355+ institutions and 2564+ accredited programs worldwide and 32 different health science professions under the CAAHEP Accredited Ultrasound Schools in NY.
  2. Specialization Medical Stream
    • You often notice multiple stems of a particular subject domain, and the medical stream is no exception. Choosing the categorized specialization in a specialized domain or field is equally important.
    • When it comes to sonography, there are different types of sonography specializations that you must know.
      • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
      • Abdominal Sonographer
      • Pediatric Sonographer
      • Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) Sonographer
      • Obstetric Sonographer
      • Cardiovascular Sonographer
      • Musculoskeletal Sonographer
      • Neurosonology Sonographer
      • Breast Sonographer
  3. Types of Programs
    • We must understand the different types of Sonography Programs in New York to attain proper education’s qualitative sonography schools in NY and structured format.
    • To get into the top university, you must get at least a 3 GPA from the commutative standard of 4 scales and letters of recommendation from your undergraduate professors.
    • However, the admission process for other medium-rank colleges is not that hard to submit and get admission.
    • Following are the programs for the sonographer to enroll in and have a professional medical career.
      • Associate Sonography Programs Backed by Science Studies
      • Specialized Certification Course
      • Accelerated Certificate Programs
      • School Level Certificate Program
      • Diploma in Sonography
      • Bachelor’s College Degree Course
  4. Get the required Degree
    • You shall get the required degree to become a diagnostic medical sonographer. Suppose you’re yet to attain graduation and currently have passed the school or have no science background. In that case, you can prefer to join some associate sonography programs to enhance your science background.
    • You can also have some accelerated certificate programs to attain the sonography programs NY and choose to build your medical career in sonography.
  5. Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) exam
    • Once you complete your graduation in sonography or after completion of the accredited program in one of CAAHEP Accredited Ultrasound Schools in NY, you must give the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) exam and clear it or pass it out to get the license to practice sonography.
    • The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) also introduces specialty exams for DMS graduates to check their eligibility and caliber to attain the medical sonography machine and associated equipment and data acquisition skills for sonography schools New York.
    • However, you must have completed any CAAHEP-accredited program to be eligible to get enrolled in such exams.

CAAHEP Accredited Ultrasound Schools in NY

Accreditation of any college or institute makes it answerable to the quality and standards set by the accreditation committee, which is authorized to maintain the quality and standards of education for sonography programs New York. The commission examines the detailed educational industry standards and validates to remark the authentic and reliable source of institutions, programs, or services.

Almost all healthcare domains recognize the CAAHEP Accredited Ultrasound Schools in NY. It has become a ground to achieve the certified and licensed course of action against your education period under the CAAHEP-recognized or accredited educational university.

Before enrolling with any sonogram school in NY, you should always check the professional’s certifications and license requirements before you choose your educational program and ensure your career is certified and licensed.

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In this article, we’ve comprehensively covered the top sonography schools in new york (ultrasound tech schools in NY) and associated sonography programs in NY, along with the admission procedures and accreditation evaluation for the sonogram schools.


How do I become a sonographer in NYC?

You can opt for the entry-level one-year certificate program, two-year associate degree in sonography program, or four-year graduation program to become a sonographer in NYC.

What SUNY College has an ultrasound technician program?

SUNY College offers the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (DMS) General Program and Cardia Program; you get trained at SUNY downstate there and become a recognized professional DMS.

How long is ultrasound tech school near New York NY?

You must undergo 22 months of full-time DMS course to become a licensed medical sonographer. You can also apply for some short-term accelerated programs recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

How much do sonographers make in NY an hour?

A sonographer in new york makes approximately $46.93 an hour on average counter accounts for $1,877 per week and $8,134 per month.

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