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Dental Grants

Captivate The Cavity: 15 Dental Grants For Seniors

Dental health is often overlooked by seniors. Because seniors cannot afford it, they shy away from treating their dental issues. This can escalate and cause more significant harm. This is why dental grants for seniors cover almost all the dental health issues a senior might face.

According to a study, 78% of patients suffer from bad dental health; surprisingly, all are above 60 years of age. With the advancement in technology, things have become more accessible but more expensive at the same time. Not all can afford the high-tech treatment, which is why there are sources that can help those in need financially.

Dental Grants For Seniors: An Overview

Different kinds of dental grants for seniors offer relief in different manners. Some may help you with implants, some may offer you funds for veneers, while others may help you with root canals and other major dental surgeries.

dental grants for seniors

These assisting grants are required and are so in-demand because of the low-income status of the elderly. Most American seniors face their share of struggles with finances, and to top it off, they are plagued with age-related issues, making it harder for them to cruise through their daily lives and get themselves treated.

Dental loans allow seniors to get their dental issues treated without worrying about finances. There are different types of loans and grants available to those in need.

Government Grants For Dental Implants For Seniors

As you age, you may face orthodontic issues. Naturally, you’d want to get them treated, but the cost of treatment exceeds your budget. What would you do? The answer is you’d apply for government grants for dental implants for seniors.

government grants for dental implants for seniors

Seniors get specific benefits from the government due to their age, and paying for medical treatments is one of them. If needed, the government offers help for up to $1,000. These 3 dental programs for seniors offer the best solution to all your orthodontic woes.

1. Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are the most popular insurance programs administered by the federal government. While it covers most health adversities, these programs do not provide cover for all medical issues.

For instance, they might cover medical examinations but may not root canals, dental fillings, or cleaning procedures. You can log in to the Medicare Advantage plan account; seniors who are already dual-enrolled in Medicaid and a Medicare Advantage plan can access a directory of dentists and covered services.

2. Preventive Dental Support

This is another program where you can get dental implant grants for seniors. HIS and the Department of Health and Human Services empower the program.

Assistance is offered round the clock as the professionals here prioritize individuals who require immediate dental surgery. The patient must complete the online application form to be considered for the grant program.

You can register on grants.gov and get further details, like the step-by-step application process and eligibility criteria.


The program of all-inclusive care for the Elderly (PACE) is an assistive program that helps with all sorts of impediments. The program offers support in various forms, such as adult daycare, dentistry, emergency treatment, home care, food support, hospital care, transportation, occupational therapy, and more.

To seek help from the program, contact them or check out the official Medicaid website to learn about the eligibility criteria and other essential details.

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Dental Implant Grants For Seniors

Implants are expensive, not only for seniors but for anyone who requires them. The need is essential, but the finances do not agree. In such a situation, you can turn to organizations offering seniors dental implant grants.

dental implant grants for seniors

Apart from the government-funded dental programs for seniors, you can also apply to NGOs that provide financial help to seniors needing immediate dental treatment.

4. Healthier Smiles Grant Program

One of the most reputed programs that offer free dental implants for senior citizens, The Healthier Smiles Grant Program is administered by the Wrigley Company Foundation.

Through the grant program, the organization offers assistance ranging from $2,500 – $5,000. The grant amount depends on specific incidents, the qualifications of the applicant, and their financial status. Anyone can apply for these grants but must showcase a dire need for dental assistance.

5. DentaQuest Community Response Fund

Especially for low-income households, DentaQuest Community Fund works to reduce the adversities of underserved communities and underprivileged citizens. The organization offers dental grants for seniors and anyone with a grave requirement for this dental treatment.

As such, there are no specific eligibility criteria for getting funds from the organization, but to be sure, you can visit their official website and check the application details.

Other Organizations That Offer Dental Grants For Seniors

Along with these two major organizations, other small and big foundations can help you get the required sum for your treatment. These organizations are:

  1. National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics
  2. Community Health Centers
  3. Dental School Clinics
  4. Local Churches and Charities
  5. Dentistry From the Heart
  6. Oral Health America

Dental Help For Seniors

Access to affordable, high-quality dental care is essential for seniors, especially those with limited incomes. Seniors can access various options, including community health centers, dental clinics, and clinical trials, for affordable dental treatment.

dental help for seniors

The dental help for Seniors program can also be a cost-effective replacement for dental insurance by enabling members to get discounts on dental treatment from a large network of dentists countrywide.

12. Dental Lifeline Network

Dental Lifeline Network provides one of the leading free dental implant grants for senior citizens. The organization has local chapters in every city and town of the nation, where more than 17,000 dentists and 3,700 dental labs offer their services free of cost.

You can apply to their Donated Dental Services (DDS) or the Veteran Program (WYSOV) to avail the benefits offered by the organization. Their official site also offers a detailed guide on how to apply to these programs.

13. United Way

United Way is a non-profit organization with chapters across the country and worldwide. You can easily find free or low-cost dental care options. Dental expense assistance for seniors through local programs may be income-based. Depending on how much money you make each month, services may be free or have a tiny associated fee.

Through this platform, you can not only find helpful dental grants for seniors, but it also enables you to find other necessary resources like clothing, food, shelter, etc.

14. American Dental Association

American Dental Association is the most popular dentistry organization offering assistive measures to those in need. It offers its aid to low-income families, individuals, and seniors explicitly. The organization has many programs through which you can gain financial help.

On the other hand, it also offers help with resources. You can explore their website and find the most suitable grant that meets your needs.

15. Veteran Affairs

VA or the Veteran Affairs aids veterans who have served the nation on the frontline. During their service, these heroes get injured, and often these injuries remain lifelong. The treatment of such injuries can be expensive, and VA offers financial help in the treatment.

In 2022, the organization assisted almost half a million veterans with affordable dental care. You can contact the organization directly or apply online to avail of all their grants’ benefits.


Dental grants for seniors act as saviors for senior citizens who need to get their dental health checked. These grants offer an opportunity for these seniors to live a healthier life. The grant amount may vary from organization to organization. Depending on your need, the organization would offer you adequate funds. For more information, you can contact the above-mentioned sources.

Dental Grants For Seniors FAQs

Which documents are required to apply for Dental Grants for Seniors?

The essential documents you will require while receiving a grant are:
1. Recommendation Letter If any
2. Cover Letter
3. Inspection Report by the authorized clinics
4. Application Form
5. Income Proof Certificate
6. Copy of Bank Passbook
7. A detailed budget for the grant
8. List of previous grants received, if any
9. Previous dental treatments history, if any

You should confirm the same with the organization. Organizations provide all such information along with the application form on their websites. You are suggested to do a little research and locate their websites to get the best information.

How much does advanced dental treatment cost?

Approximately one tooth implant costs between $1000 -$3,000. Various dental treatments like teeth whitening, cleaning, dentures, veneers, implants, and other therapies may cost a fortune to a patient. Apart from the treatments, you’d also have to pay for examinations, medicines, and doctor’s visitation fees.

This is why we need dental implant grants for seniors, adults, and children so that the burden of finances does not bog us down.

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