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Trending Pink and Purple Braces: Color Your Style

The pain and discomfort you manage for the initial few weeks disappear automatically with over-the-counter pain relievers. After that, all you can have with the braces with looks, and while discussing how your smile reflects on others, the pink and purple braces are the most attractive find out.

Children and teenagers are particularly more attracted to the color of braces. Although, the primary function of the braces is to align and straighten the teeth. The choice of colors, such as pink and purple braces, is customized, personalized, and purely for aesthetic reasons.

Color Your Smile with Pink and Purple Braces

Colors of the braces over the period, with their evaluation, have become the route to express your individuality and yourself in a fun way. However, the color has no significant impact on the effectiveness of the braces.

Pink and Purple Braces
Pink and Purple Brace

In a survey conducted on 245 Patients between the age groups 10 to 30 years who underwent orthodontic treatment with colored braces, around 29% and 28% of these participants chose the pink and purple braces, respectively.

Pink and Purple Braces
purple and pink braces

According to the Journal of Orthodontic Science, in 2016, a study found the majority of patients (around 77.2%) preferred to have colored braces in comparison to traditional metal braces. The following data suggest the preferences for three different colors of braces.

  • 31.7% of patients have chosen the Pink Color braces
  • 24.4% of patients have chosen the Purple Colour braces
  • 21.1% of patients have chosen the Blue Colour braces
Blue Braces
Violet Braces
Combination Braces
Lilac Braces
Trending Pink and Purple Braces Color Your Style

Purple and Blue Braces – Stand Out from the Crowd

Several studies in color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, have discovered that specific colors can positively impact and influence your mood and emotions. When Purple and Blue braces do help magnify not only your outlook but also contribute to your psychological conditions.

purple braces
  • The Journal of environmental psychology published in 2010 found that purple is associated with increased creativity and problem-solving abilities.
  • The another International Journal of Neuroscience published in 2012 found that pink is associated with reduced aggression and increased calmness in participants.
  • The Journal of Frontiers in Psychology, published in 2017, found that blue is associated with improved mood and increased relaxation in participants.
  • The Journal of Positive Psychology, published in 2013, has found that the color lilac is associated with increased feelings of relaxation and calmness in participants.
  • The International Journal of Nursing Practice published in 2017 found that the violet color is associated with improved mood and reduced stress in hemodialysis Patients.

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You can understand some benefits of purple and blue braces with this article; you must obtain the aim of colors is primarily cosmetic, which doesn’t serve the effectiveness of the props but boost the self-confidence and motivation of patients.

purple and blue braces
  • Visual Attraction
    • The colors appeal to those who see you smiling and may serve the attraction and fashion sense; the bright colors of Pink and Purple braces can make them more attractive and visible to others; although not everyone does like to show them off, some people might enjoy this.
  • Aesthetically Sound
    • The vibrant colors make the braces aesthetically sound and may enrich the statement of having the treatment out loud in front of the people with confidence. The Pink and Purple braces carry that aesthetic nature and allow patients to express themselves.
  • Confidence Upgrade
    • The treatment process can become less intimidating. In addition, patients can raise their self-consciousness with colorful braces since it allows them to choose and express themselves, especially with colors they love.
  • Motivation Rise
    • What you wear has some motivation behind it, and wearing the braces of your choice of colors can make you more realistic and expressive than traditional metal braces. It can play a role in your overall drive of motivation.

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Get Noticed with the Light Purple Braces

Light Purple Braces

Wearing light purple braces can help you get noticed wherever you go, in public, with your school friends, or between your office colleagues. However, applying different wearing combinations, you must assert the value of your chosen brace colors.

You shall start to embrace your smile with light purple braces; you can smile often and may walk with the unique values of your personality and let yourself shine throughout.

You can apply the following versatility of fashion wear with light purple braces to achieve the required beauty.

  • Coordinating With Your Outfits
    • Choose the outfit color that coordinates with your light purple braces that can complement the shade and make your presence stand out.
  • Experimenting With Your Makeup
    • Bold lip colors or eye makeup can help you stand out among others with your light purple braces. Keep experimenting with your different makeup looks which complement your brace colors.
  • Accessorize With Your Wearing
    • You can use different wearing accessories such as neckless, earrings, and bangles to augment your light purple braces that enhance your smile even more.

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Brighten Up Your Smile with lilac and Violet Braces

Brighten Up Your Smile with lilac and Violet Braces

The natural color of teeth is the shade of white or the yellowish-white light yellow, which is a complementary color to violet braces. The colors of braces depend on personal preferences; adding the violet color can beautify your smile even more.

The violet braces promote positivity, creativity, imagination, and inspiration and help you feel motivated throughout your orthodontic treatment.

On the other side, Lilac braces are also getting more popular among youth and serve their aesthetic purpose. You can always choose the colors based on your choices and preferences and celebrate your colorful smiles.

The cost of the color braces is similar to that of traditional metal braces, which ranges somewhere between $3000 to $7000. Although the cost of ceramic and lingual braces can be more than colorful braces, you can visit your nearby local dental care to obtain the specific price list, as they vary by location and service provider.

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In this article, we have covered pink and purple braces and other combinations, such as dark purple or blue and purple braces. We have also included some research studies on the significance of colors and others popular among the youth, such as lilac braces.


Is Purple a Good Color for Braces?

The particular color doesn’t impact or influence the practical or direct functioning of the braces, although purple is generally popular among children and younger people.

Is Pink and Purple a Good Braces Color?

These two combinations of colors are getting widely popularized among the youth due to their attractiveness. In addition, dark purple braces are also under fashion sense among adults.

What color braces make your teeth look whiter?

The dark color provides enough contrast to make your teeth look more white; you can try dark purple braces, lilac braces, violet braces, or braces colors blue.

What are the rarest braces colors?

Lilac braces, dark purple braces, and other black and yellow colors in braces are considered to be the rarest. However, the choice of colors is entirely based on individual preferences and often rarely attracts more than usual.

Are colored braces more expensive?

Usually, the traditional braces’ prices are slightly lower than colored braces and have no significant differences. However, the colored braces’ cost ranges between $3500 to $7500 and will have some $1000 difference range compared to traditional braces.

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