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Lap Band Surgery Cost Without Insurance: What It Takes?

Are you worried about your weight loss? Then, pack aside some $8500 to $21000 in your medical budget for your lap band surgery cost without insurance. Laparoscopic Banding Surgery (Lap Band – to sort) is a medically necessary weight loss treatment for different bariatric surgeries.

The wants of hunger may carry the dilemma of your calorie intake and food choices, especially when you suffer from severe obesity; that is when you require Laparoscopic Gastric Banding to restrict yourself from eating more; here, you’ll get a detailed financing plan for your Lap Band Surgery Cost without insurance.

Check Out Lap Band Surgery Cost without Insurance

Medical expenses are always variable and dependent on the patient’s condition. However, the average cost of most bariatric surgeries is around $19500 with insurance coverage. When it comes to the cost of lap band without insurance, it can even go beyond $23500.

lap band surgery cost without insurance

The 19th Annual report of the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) has concluded that a total of 19 states (3 added up from the previous report of 2021) have obesity rates over 35 %, which widens the window for the lap band surgery cost without insurance, and made it the most commonly recommended weight loss treatment under the medical necessity.

The cost for lap band surgery without insurance depends upon various factors associated with a patient’s health condition, obesity graph, and geographical location, as well as the experience of the surgeon and hospital care facilitation.

The core operational cost of lap band without insurance from different providers in the market is nearly around $12000, excluding the other post-operational charges and service costs.

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What is Lap Band Surgery?

What is Lap Band Surgery?

Lap band surgery is one type of bariatric surgery, also known as gastric banding. A silicon band called a lap band is placed around your stomach that narrows down the passage through which food enters the stomach resulting in the reduced capacity of your stomach.

Lap band surgery is one type of bariatric surgery, also known as gastric banding. A silicon band called a lap band is placed around your stomach that narrows down the passage through which food enters the stomach resulting in the reduced capacity of your stomach.

The lap band surgery procedure is reversible and adjustable, giving you particular operational convenience. However, it’s not as invasive as other bariatric surgeries and is mainly considered outpatient or ambulatory surgery.

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A silicon band or ring creates a small pouch of 1-2 ounces or 15-30 cc at the top of your stomach. This pouch is adjustable and can be loosened or tightened based on the patient’s health condition.

After investing enough price of lap band surgery and other post-operational conducts, the reduced stomach capacity to carry food and fluid results in a feeling of fulfillment in the stomach at a faster rate than earlier.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the Lap Band Surgery procedure in 2011; the silicon band has an inflatable inner surface connected to the access port or tube. The devices are applied with surgical expertise and are the most commonly recommended treatment for people with severe obesity with a BMI of 40 or beyond.

The National Health and Nutritional Examination of the Survey show that almost 41.9% of adults are undergoing obesity; that is, nearly 2 in 5 adults suffer from obesity, which boosts the rate of lap band surgery or treatment in the state. Many people in America seek free lap band surgery cost without insurance.

You can expect to lose weight with lap band surgery cost without insurance at a faster rate (almost 26% faster) than your regular dietary exercise and gym routines. Although, it helps lose slowly and steadily 1 to 2 pounds per week compared to other bariatric surgery for weight loss that provides radical changes and rapid shifts with more associated health risks.

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How Much Does a Lap Band Surgery Cost?

Insurance coverage for Lap Band surgeries will significantly reduce the price of lap band surgery, at least by 60%, since the insurance carries the core cost of the surgical operations. In addition, lap Banding is often an outpatient surgery that requires less than 3 hours to perform.


The cost of lap band surgery without insurance is around $8500 to $21000 and may go beyond and turns expensive for obvious reasons since it is based on individual care centers and their pricing policies. However, this bariatric surgery cost may vary on different parameters.

Here are some factors that influence the lap band surgery cost without insurance playing a crucial role in decision-making and planning for your surgical treatments according to your budget.

  • Comorbidity and Severity of Health
  • Geographical Set and Locality
  • Surgeon Experience and Hospital Brand
  • Insurance Coverage or No Insurance
  • Hospitality Services and Stay Duration

The post-operational cost of lap band without insurance may involve tubing issues, silicon lap erosion, functional erosion, and proximal enlargement, raising the cost for lap band surgery without insurance.

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Cost of Lap Band Removal

Lap band surgery slows down the digestive patterns and reduces the appetite, limiting your eating quota. It’s a reversible and timely adjustable procedure. In certain conditions, lap band surgery demands revision options. Let’s understand the cost of lap band removal with a feasible approach.

Lap band surgery cost without insurance.

The lap band removal cost is around $4000 to $6700 in general clinical centers and may go beyond it with expensive private hospital units. However, although it’s the removal procedure, it’s still a surgical operation and will require post-operative care.

  • Lap band surgery, when proven ineffective to the patient’s weight loss graph, there are better revision treatments to retain the weight loss benefits supplemented by the other bariatric surgeries. 
  • The laparoscopically less performed and less invasive treatments or surgery always perform for better output. However, lap band surgery cost without insurance is more than these revision treatments, or, to say, this lap band removal cost.

Lap band device planted in your natural digestive system may develop complications, health issues, nausea, and vomiting, causing scar tissue, gastroesophageal refluxes, and weight regains instead of loss. The reason can be the side effects or the other erosional issues in the mechanism of the device.

The following conditions lead to this procedural revision for the lap band removal.

  • Silicon band or ring erosion
  • Silicon band or ring slippage
  • Band Intolerances
  • Damaged or Broken Tissues

Weight regain is the most likely health condition to opt for lap band removal and gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy can be performed to retain your weight loss journey through the device plantation in your digestive system. Some Government grants for weight loss surgery Programs are also running.

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We’ve discussed the Lap band surgery comprehensively here, along with the cost for lap band surgery without insurance, the cost of lap band removal, operational complications, and associated revisional procedures for your weight loss.


What is the minimum weight for Lap-Band surgery?

Your BMI must be 40 or beyond, you should have comorbidity related to obesity, and you must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for the lap band surgery.

What is the success rate of lap band surgery?

The reports suggest a 70% chance you’ll have the desired weight loss by the lap band surgery with the supplementary diet plans and regular exercises.

Are lap bands worth it?

Every surgery does have pros and cons, lap band surgery in the long term may impact health since the device and mechanism used are artificial and not naturally grown.

Is lap band surgery painful?

It’s not painful since any surgery is operable in the numb skin and neurons. But, you may encounter specific post-operation nagging pain in your stomach.

What is the recovery time for a Lap-Band surgery?

You can recover post your lap band surgical operation soon after one to four weeks of prescribed rest and instructed medical assistance by the doctors.

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