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Personal Experience: My Braces Removal Day and Learning!

Patience, I would say, is crucial and would play a significant role in the entire process, from aligning your teeth with braces, how they are put on through wires and brackets, spending months and years of adopting the props with your everyday lifestyle, and then finally having removed those braces you once have adapted to live with. Another consideration many overlooks is the braces removal cost without insurance, which can be quite significant.

My brace removal day was overwhelming, and the overall experience was good. Although, it didn’t align with what I expected or projected before my appointment with a famous orthodontist in my local region. The painful braces removal process in my mind was painless. And everything got down for a pack within just 45 minutes.

How Was My Braces Removal Experience?

My doctor, Dr. Nalias Friedman, DMD, MS, guided me well in my follow-up sessions. I wonder how people believe the braces removal appointment day to be the final Day for their braces. This is not always true either, and I have seen many patients having their braces removal process canceled due to a lack of preparedness or some oral issue.

How Was My Braces Removal Experience?

No, it does not hurt, as people have created hype and misplaced pain over slight discomfort and aching. My Day usually started with a fresh soft breakfast, and I didn’t skip my regular cleaning routine adapted to my braces.

Luckily? – Not Luckily, I put effort into being aware of my appointment day with the orthodontist. Hence, I could safely take primary oral care and bare teeth before removing my braces. We must follow the pre-removal instructions, and I did plan my days well in the previous two to three days.

Pain or Discomfort?

The brace removal process for some patients is painful as what they’ve heard or collected from people, primarily from children. Children are supposed to call the discomfort pain, sometimes immense pain, which is how a narrative has formed about braces removal.

You cannot deny the little discomfort, as it is inevitable and obvious, but you might start resisting it when that discomfort forms severe pain. Nothing is permanent, depending upon your case and the complexity of nature.

How I started my Day?

How I started my Day is less important than how I ended my previous two days before my braces removal appointment. Since you can’t see a reflection of care about your teeth on an immediate day, you will have to consider the last few days and your routine that someway influences your braces and teeth.

When I woke up early morning, I started my day like a regular and did not get overwhelmed since it has to be not so big deal for you, even if it is your first time. Dr. Nalias Friedman, DMD, MS, also advised me about my routine.

  • First, I thoroughly brushed my teeth using the soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste; I’ve been using this “Colgate Prevident 5000.”
  • I made sure to make special attention to cleaning around my braces, wires, and brackets and flossed carefully to remove any food particles trapped between teeth spaces.
  • For a little while, I also tried to inspect my braces through the mirror and ensured any wires or braces were loose or damaged.
  • I had a lightweight braces-friendly breakfast, then I avoided hard and stick foods that cause pressure while chewing; you can choose softer options like oatmeal, yogurt, or a smoothie.
  • I had the medication my orthodontist doctor prescribed before the appointment and took them as instructed. Generally, pain relievers are given to patients if there’s swelling or discomfort.
  • The most important thing is to stay relaxed and calm while carrying all report cards, prescribed medications, notes of concerns, and issues you may have prepared, along with your appointment card, before meeting your orthodontist.

What did I eat on the Day of Appointment?

I started consuming soft foods requiring less effort while chewing and avoided beverages, drinks, and solid foods three days after my appointment.

The following foods were the choices I had on my table for the last few days before brace removal, and I ensured I did not cross that boundary in my urge to eat more.

  • Soft fruits like bananas, ripe melons, berries, and canned.
  • Steam or boil vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, or zucchini.
  • Well-cooked rice, pasta, or couscous.
  • I had options to have cooked chicken, fish, tofu, or scrambled eggs.
  • Dairy Products like yogurt, smoothies, milkshakes, or pudding.

Why should I care for my braces anymore?

After every meal consumed, I did not forget to keep my regular braces clean even on the day of my appointment, although some people make this mistake with the thought that braces will be removed anyway.

Oral hygiene needs to be well taken care of, this is the responsibility of every dental patient, and the orthodontist will evaluate this cleanliness factor against your teeth, gums, and braces before finally switching to the brace removal process.

My Lessons: Braces Removal Process

There was no pain, but I experienced sensitivity and discomfort as our teeth and gums became accustomed to the braces.

In the removal process, the wire and brackets may cause some exerted pressure resulting in these uncomfortable sensations. However, it was temporary and disappeared after a few days.

Once the braces removal process is done, you might start feeling a little missing out since you had adapted braces with your everyday life, and now, there are no more braces attached to your teeth; this will sound pretty weird but in a good way.

What have I got?

  • A fresh sensation, smooth and polished teeth finally. I have started living with a completely new version of my original and natural teeth.
  • My self-confidence got boosted high, and now I can smile without doubt-delay notion. My colleagues have started interacting with me more often, asking me the wonders behind my white-polished teeth.
  • This may sound overwhelming, but equally rewarding for this orthodontic treatment. I also got the best learning exposure with other co-patients having braces.
  • My orthodontist recommended wearing temporary retainers since retainers help the teeth stay aligned to their new positions and shape obtained by the braces.

Ending My Experience

They say efforts never go in vain, and my orthodontic dental care rewarded me on the same line. I got my original smile back with more freshness and joy-filled in my daily life. I am thankful for the service and dental care Dr. Nalias Friedman, DMD, MS, gave me during my entire dental care journey. You can journey with the best orthodontist available in your local region.

Eric Ryan

Dr. Eric Ryan, a passionate Dentist and Oral Surgeon hailing from Harvard School of Dental Medicine. With over a decade of experience spanning private practice and hospital settings, Dr. Ryan's focus extends from routine dental care to complex oral surgeries. An active member of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, he keeps abreast of cutting-edge developments in his field. Balancing his clinical practice with medical writing, he is committed to empowering patients with the knowledge they need for optimal oral health. For your diverse dental needs, trust in the care and expertise of Dr. Ryan.

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